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Previously unknown to our party, The Amethyst Kingdom is a well settled, powerful civilization. The population is roughly 60% human, 30% cyborg, and 10% robot. The Amethyst Kingdom is a large exporter of weaponry, sporting some of the most technologically advanced weapons known to exist.


The city is split into 4 major sections - Southern Slums, Mid-town, High-town, and the Northern Slums.

The west side of the city is a massive ravine.

Like the Ruby Kingdom, the ceiling is covered in flawless amethyst that results in a slight purple glow of the whole kingdom.

A hole to the surface exists in the city's ceiling. It was created when whatever caused the massive earthquake slammed through the ceiling and landed directly on the king's castle. The king has not been heard from yet, and access to High-town has been cut.

A large spider crawled from the surface down the hole, and has constructed a giant web across it. Every now and then something large will get caught in the web and eaten by the spider, so the kingdom sees it as a protector of sorts.

Rain from the surface sometimes will fall from the hole, destroying the web.

The currency of the kingdom is Amethyst coin.

The kingdom neighbors the isolationist Sapphire Kingdom and mercantile Emerald Coalition.

Population: Roughly 20,000

Government: Autocracy

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Location - Mid-town Edit

The blacksmith by thompson46-d5116ci

Characters: Edit

Raphael Ironwarper - Raphael is the best blacksmith in Mid-town. In fact, he's so good at his craft that he managed to push all the other blacksmiths out. An older man with a large frame. Raphael is known best for his work with guns, but he knows how to appreciate a good blade when he sees it.

Raphael hired the party for an assassination of the leader of The Dead Cat Gang, Grizz. The Dead Cat Gang robs him for his coin and arms on a regular basis. Not wanting to sacrifice his business, he has not retaliated.

Raphael makes most of his weapons by order to counteract his regular robberies.


  • Beam Rifle (Laser Sniper Rifle) - 600 Amethyst Coin
  • Army Carbine (Revolving Battle Rifle) - 450 Amethyst Coin
  • Basic firearms - >500 Amethyst Coin (varies)
  • Pack Explosive - 50 Amethyst Coin
  • Basic blades - >100 Amethyst Coin

Signature Arms:

  • K-56 Pendragon (Electric Battle Rifle) (One in stock) - 4600 Amethyst Coin
  • Widowmaker (Massive Revolver) (Two in stock) - 3200 Amethyst Coin

Raphael offers upgrades and modifications for most weapons, as well as custom orders.

The Dirty Coin Edit

Bartender bot by legumebean-d6rec08

Location - Southern Slums Edit

Characters: Edit

Jenkins - Classic model bar-bot; in fact, the oldest bar-bot in the kingdom. Jenkins is renowned for his accurate and polite programming.

When Jenkins met Rook, Rook robbed him for a bottle of vodka.

Jenkins runs The Dirty Coin by himself. He is owned by the Amethyst Kingdom, who profit immensely off the bar.


  • 4oz Vodka - 4 Amethyst Coin
  • 4oz Rum - 4 Amethyst Coin
  • Mixed Drinks - 9 Amethyst Coin
  • Bottles - Various